The American painter Agnes Martin once wrote, "Making and looking at art is about finding something out about who you are. Someone once told me that my paintings made them feel happy, like waking up in the morning. The goal of life is to be happy, isn’t it?"

Born in Zug, Switzerland, after finishing an education in graphic design in the early 1990’s, Nicoletta West left for New York. She would spend the next 9 years there, studying and making art and observing the developments of its vibrant art scene first hand. She studied at the Empire State College, working in studio spaces on the Lower East Side, as well as the New York Studio School on 8th Street. There, possibly in reaction to the heavy figurative nature of the program, she stopped painting and started making objects; not building or assembling, but putting materials together in a way that can only be described as "Basteln" or crafting. She later received a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Rutgers University, attending some classes with conceptual artist Martha Rosler. Gallery exhibitions by freewheeling artists such as Kiki Smith and Jessica Stockholder made an impression.
She returned to Europe in 2000, attended a three-month residency grant in Berlin that she received from the Canton of Zug and then established a studio in Zurich and continued to exhibit regularly.

The critical theorist Hal Foster has written about the advent of spread-out "horizontal composition" in Installation Art and Performance in the 1960’s, as an expression of dissatisfaction for the "masculine" vertical oriented concerns of Modernism. The discourse about "High" and "Low" that erupted in the late 80’s and early 90’s was a dominant theme in New York, as well as the "Woman’s Work" movement. Primarily in sculpture and Installation Art, this addressed Gender issues and attempted to subvert traditional craft or "Basteln" activities attributed to woman, such as the use of textiles, embroidery, knitting, glueing and pasting.
Ambitious artists work by creating a mix of the perceived historical situation and their own individual talent and personality. West’s project is significant as it is simultaneously aware and divergent.

Much work that addresses so called "Gender" issues can be thematically unsettling. Having spent many years in New York attending exhibitions, I am conditioned to seeing turmoil in art, and hence am often at a loss when its not there. Visiting Nicoletta at work, watching her build her "plant" sculptures made from spaghetti, cutting self adhesive shelf-protecting sheets and lovingly arranging found crafty baskets, is a sight that does not evoke "Angst". She works with an extremely light touch and her chosen theme of "Home" becomes a sign for paradise. For all of her diverse use of materials, her work emanates an unfashionable and timeless romantic sense of longing. There is a persistent girlish belief in the restorative power of the sanctuaries she builds. Nowadays, I find this to be quite a comforting idea.

It has been said in critical circles, if something is not painting, drawing, photography or video, its sculpture. I find it curious that sculpture is listed at the end of the list. Today many thought provoking artists are working in the third dimension; in this, the sincerest of all the arts.

West is clearly a sculptor who is determined to push the limits of the form. The materials she chooses are things found around the house, or plundered from the kids arts and craft storage bins or, as she is fond of saying: "Things anybody knows how to use". In her installations the domestic environment and art studio seamlessly merge into ideal and protected follies. She lovingly selects materials for qualities of quirkiness, ephemerality, fragileness and mutability. These cheap materials have associations of safety, domesticity, play, fecundity and euphoria. All is done with the utmost sense of seriousness and urgency.

The poet Wallace Stevens called fiction "The Necessary Angel". With unbearably light materials, West creates fictive oasis-like homes. They are unified harmonious worlds, containing a plurality of diverse expressions that co-exist in curious harmony including: orgiastic racetracks, island sanctuaries, yarn-ball flowers, photos of embracing pairs, fantastic pasta plants, hearts, day-glow stickers, rainbows, sunsets, dolphins, drawing and sound. One is invited to insert oneself into these worlds and would happily do so. Still better, they can be packed up easily and transported at will; like fold-up utopias.

Nicholas Micros. Artist
Lives and works in New York City and Ottenbach, Switzerland

Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland with her family, a cat and soon to come: three rabbits.


1996 - 1998 Rutgers University. Mason Gross School of the Arts.
New Brunswick, NJ. USA
Master of Fine Arts ( MFA - Sculpture )
1994 - 1996 State University of New York. New York, NY. USA
Bachelor of Arts ( BA - Painting )
1993 - 1994 State University of New York. New York, NY. USA.
Independent Study Program
1991 - 1993 New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.
New York, NY. USA
1988 - 1991 HdKL Schule für Visuelle Gestaltung. Lucerne, Switzerland.
Diploma in Graphic Design


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Residency Grant "Kulturzentrum NAIRS in Scuol” of Art in Engiadina bassa and Binz39 Foundation (Atelier). 2000
Grant of the Canton Zug, City of Baar, Alice and Walter Bossard Foundation, Nestlé pour l’Art Foundation and Ernst Goehner Foundation Zug. 1999
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Collection of the Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland
Collection of the Canton Zurich, Switzerland
Collection of the City of Zurich, Switzerland
Collection of the Canton Zug, Switzerland
Comission for the Collection of Victoria Liegenschaften. Baar, Switzerland


+ Art education for children + Founding of Okidoki_Playground for art / + Kunstvermittlung für Kinder + Gründung von Okidoki_Spielplatz für Kunst (Gestalterische Workshops und Kurse, Zürich. 2009

+ Public Art + Public Art competition "Reformiertes Kirchenzentrum" in Zug. Winning project. Completion in winter 2012/13. / Comission for development study for "Pile Up" in Zug
+ Öffentliche Kunst + Kunst am Bau Wettbewerb für "Reformiertes Kirchenzentrum" in Zug. Siegerprojekt. Ausführung im Winter 2012/13.
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